Top Ways To Waste Time at Work



Everybody loves to work, well granted not everybody but even those who love to work dose off sometimes at the office.

Be it sleepiness, horniness, laziness or the usual not-feeling-like-it, once it strikes you you simply find your work skills disabled as limited as they might have been to start with.

So what do you do about it when it happens? What can you do about it? Well here are some tried and tested options.


1-Go on a coffee break for energy. Now if the coffee is at the nearby cafe place and not the office kitchen that’s even better. A little walk never hurt anybody.
If the boss/manager asks you where you are going tell him/her you are taking your launch break. As long as they don’t know this is your nth ‘lunch break’ all will be great.


2-Take a lunch break. Now you might be asking isn’t this similar to a coffee break ? No it isnt! You can take only one long lunch break a day but many coffee breaks. Just be sure to know how to spin which version you are pretending to be on depending on who is asking.


3-Take a cigarette break. Granted cigarettes are as healthy as smoking your house’s burnt furniture dosed with your cat’s piss, but cigarettes play an important role in giving you timeouts when you just don’t feel like working.
Since you cant smoke at the office, taking a cigarette break gives you a perfect chance to chill out and chit chat with the boys and girls on the balcony. You don’t even need to be a smoker, you can just hang around with them as long as others do it. Fair workforce balance and everything..


4-Fire up youtube and facebook when your Whatsapp experiences low message traffic. Truly these sites help you ease the day by providing an alternative to the riveting sight of your inbox daily. Sadly many a company block them so you must resort to some old hat tricks like Tor or VPN if you are a guy, or flirting with the IT dude if you are a girl to get around it.
Once connected again tho to the world wide net, it’s time to watch those youtube cat videos and see who from your hot friends on facebook posted another sexy duckface selfie.


5-Sleep with your eyes open scrolling some random shit. This art is not easy to master. Training on it usually starts early from school days to condition your zombie-like reflexes, but once you get the hang of sleeping while sitting with your eyes wide open while scrolling just any random page you are set for greatness.


6-Actually work. Now this may come as a shock, but if you try to actually work when you are bored from working it might help you pass the time away. Just listen to some good music and forget for 1 second that your manager is a total dick if indeed he/she is a total gimp dick.