The Maze Runner Movie Review



I have no idea what i just watched but i do know that if i am laughing while watching a supposedly serious movie it’s not a good indicator.

The fault is my own though honestly. The movie’s young cast of actors has that ‘teenage flick’ theme plastered all over it. And just like the other teen flicks like Divergent and Twilight, this one doesn’t disappoint in surpassing them in stupidity.



Don’t expect character development here, nor believable acting. Don’t also expect a story that makes sense. The formula is to just flood the cinema goers with mediocre cg effects and tell them, i repeat don’t insinuate or make them wonder, just plain out tell them that this hero in the movie is important to saving the universe without backing it with any context.

The story of the movie, without spoiling this gem too much, consists of spending almost two hours telling you the viewer that ‘some people are stuck in a maze’. Which is pretty damn impressive seeing that anyone can figure that shit out by just reading the title.

Honestly, everything in the movie can be replaced by literally anything else and it wouldn’t make a difference. By the end of the movie you will be asking yourself why it is maze and not a pyramid, or an island, or a circus, or an planet sized alien vagina which would be at least more fitting since all the characters are uninspiring dickheads.
Really, the cockiness of recent stupid plot lines in Hollywood cinema is damn startling. They¬† expect people to be lobotomized to find these kindergarten movie scripts smart & thrilling. It has simply become endemic for movies like this to serve you utter pure bullshit by answering nothing just to create more and more brainless, yet profitable, half dozen movie sequels. Key part of this scheme is the fake ‘cool’ movie trailers as well to ensnare the rest of us.

But really now, trailer tricks put aside, if our youth keep finding this trash interesting than the long term survivability of our species is scientifically questionable.

You might be expecting me to actuality talk more about the movie i’m reviewing than to rant about it. But what can i review about a movie who’s best part is the end credit.