Game of Thrones TellTale Game Review



We all love Game of Thrones, the only people who don’t love it are certified party poopers.

It serves violence, intrigue, sex, cool characters, dragons, undead and even more sex and violence with great aplomb!

Such an equation is hard to top, and now we have at our disposable a game from this realm by none other than TellTale studios who gave us previously great episodic adventure games.

So how does their Game of Thrones Episode One adventure fair for us tv-show fans and adventure gamers ?

Well, it does so with a mixed bag of stuff.

You play the game as 3 characters from House Forrester that has sworn allegiance to Rob Stark the King of the north as they try to survive the aftermath of the infamous Red Wedding. The setting itself is interesting as it pits you deep in political turmoil in different locations of the realm and you get to meet some of the awesome characters from the show such as kickass Tyrion and Queen Bitch Cersei voiced by the show’s actors themselves.

That said, the new characters you get to play don’t seem to shine alot though.

They honestly seem like a cheap copycat of House Stark and have nothing personally unique to them. It’s just not easy to relate to them story wise.

Artistically Telltale did a good job visually recreating the world of Game of Thrones with some scenes nicely blending painted backdrops with 3d model characters. It’s an interesting look.

Though in this episode you wont be in many locations you can identity from the show.

Gameplay wise its the same as all other Telltale games with little to no real interactivity although in this one you get the feeling your decision matter more, even though in reality they still wont matter much in the end.

I would write more about the game but in all honesty these are the main points.

So do i recommend this episode ?

This isn’t a bad game, but neither is it a stellar one so i wont recommend it here i’ll leave it up to your inquisitive nature to check it out. I suppose other reviewers will like it more though and it is indeed the best Game of Thrones game made so far.

Personally i always find the great selling point of Telltale games their story plots and this episode didn’t manage to catch my attention honestly most of the time.

Maybe in the next episode of this series it will pick up its slow pace.

It has some unique moments yes but when compared to the show that never has a dull moment or other Telltale games that are unique and fun as heck it just doesn’t shine much.