Fury Movie Review



Fury takes the best thing about World War 2 movies, which is killing Nazis in disproportionate numbers, and adds a buff topless Brad Pitt into the equation as a tank commander ready to impress us all with his infinite dedication to use his tank as a meat grinder.



World War 2 era movies used to be a dime a dozen, but lately they kinda went out of fashion in cinemas. Fury might not be the one to reboot interest in this genre for the public but it is a nice popcorn flick nonetheless til it decides to go full retard in the end.

This isn’t no Saving Private Ryan realistic movie lets get this straight, its more akin to Starship Troopers, just replace the alien bugs with Nazis and you’ll get the picture.

But is it any fun ? Well mostly yes.

The movie is basically about the crew of a Sherman tank picking up a new green gunner who seems to have lost his nutsack and taking a stroll in lovely Nazi territory in the last days of World War 2 to blow shit up and rape some fine Arian women. Wait what ?! Oh yeah, its quite romantic stuff.

The cinematography is great, just wait til you see the puny Sherman facing off against a titan sized German Tiger Panzer. Epic.

Now one thing i noticed about this movie is that it manages to portray blood splatters and people getting torn to bits in a new artistic direction and is very generous with it so get your popcorn ready first.

The supporting cast is cool too. Shia LaBeouf impresses us by having a mustache as that guy from The Walking Dead who used to be Rick’s partner and dedicated wife banger plays the role of a hillbilly tank mechanic.

Now the heart of this movie is the story.. Not really just pulling your leg there.

The story like i said previously is just a nice stroll in Nazi land to kill, maim and burn things.

It serves as an excuse for the visual carnage and is largely forgettable til the end part where it turns full retard and totally unbelievable. Believe me you will remember the last bit.

Still, the movie is ok in my book.

You get to see gratuitous yet politically acceptable violence against Nazis, get a glimpse at the rape tendencies of the tank crew and see Brad Pitt topless for no other reason than fuck it he felt like he wanted to have a scene half naked. He’s looking good btw !

Fury is cool popcorn flick, though it still needs a tweak or two million before becoming an Oscar project.