REVIEW: Transformers.

Nice killer rides, cool transforming robots and a hot sizzling heroine.. what more can one expect from a Hollywood movie? Well for starters one can ask for good directing, convincing acting and a non brainless plotline. Thankfully for us movie goers, the Transformers has all those aforementioned good qualities plus much much more.

It’s a treat to all the senses, all six of them. You can’t help but feel your sixth sense playing tricks with you as you sit back and enjoy this high budget extravaganza.

Some of us are old enough to remember the renowned Transformers animated series on which this new movie is based. Let me say this then: The original concepts of the series are no longer in stale limbo. I said enough…

As for those who didn’t get the chance to be yet born back then, watching this movie will give you all a proper a reeducation on the subject matter.

Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky gives another convincing performance in this movie. Looking back at his work resume one finds no big surprise there. As for Megan Fox who is playing Mikaela Banes, she finds herself strutting her best curvy assets on the wide screen in a very effective manner. Kudos to that entertainment medium.

That said, all other human characters although cool are trivial. One probably wouldn’t notice that they are present apart from their forced cameo appearances. But what one will have a really hard time missing out on are the BIG sweet robots as they lurk tacitly around suburban neighborhoods just before they decide to honor us all with their transformations and general fighting skills. Their voices even sound cool to listen to. Antonymous Robotic Organisms, or AUTOBOTS for short, steal the spotlight from everyone else and keep doing it till the very end.

Usually nostalgia is an overblown memory of something long gone, this time this saying is dead wrong. After watching this film, one will not be disappointed.

The CG scene lighting is one of the best in any movie ever seen and the scene layout is just simply a dream. The movie is also seasoned with many well placed jokes and mishaps that will keep your throat tickling with laughter long after your mind has gone numb.

This is simply another excellent film from mad director Michae lBay and one of the more finer movies of the action genera. Can’t criticized it much unless I risk bordering on blasphemy. If you’ll take my word for it then you should probably get it and watch it because movies are seldom this good and entertaining.

Quills : 4/5 

Genre: action, science fiction