Top Youtube Cover Artists

Cover Bands


What’s better than a good hit song ?

A cool personalized rendition of it that’s what.

Not anyone can pull it off, but those who do stand outside the crowd and provide us with excellent music cover material.

So without further ado, here my favorite youtube cover artists right now out there worth subscribing to:


-Walk off the Earth

These guys are just talented, with or without instruments they find a way to make great music.


2-Boyce Avenue

Real cool tunes, there’s something very classy and polished about all their cover tunes.


3-Luciana Zogbi

I recently stumbled upon Luciana. Let me just say she has one heck of a epic voice. Just wow.



I don’t know if there exist anyone else on the planet that can make Gangnam style sound actually classy apart from these two classy soft spoken sisters.


5-Peter Hollens

Peter is a cappella & beat-box master. He sings and uses just his own voice also to make all his music and pulls it off pretty damn well.


6-Mike Tompkins

Tom is another a cappellla master. I would describe him as ‘fun’. He managed to make a cool youtube video with the the Pitch Perfect crew and youtube viewers !


7-Lindsey Stirling

Excellent violinist. Puts off a dancing display too to boot for her covers. A must check.


8-Alex Goot, Kurt Schneider and Chrissy Costanza

Alex, Kurt and Chrissy sing many times together so i put them in the same entry.

If anyone can take a Justin Bieber song and make it actually decent, they have real talent.


9-The Piano Guys

Beautiful style. Divine and magical.



Last but not least Pentatotix, they are very good and currently quite famous.