Top online commenter types



Whenever an article or blog post is published online a bevy of replies spawns out of nowhere.

But regardless from where they pop up, they usually fall into a few defined groups.

A small trip to the comments section of youtube will expose you to the wonders of the human condition all condensed in one place in no time.

So what do you find ?


1-The know it all type. Commenters from this group know everything there is to know about the universe, including the placement and alignment of all atoms so they are in a perfect position to pound on you for generalizing something as it is for them a great offense.


2-The bridge troll types. This group brings together the best that humanity has managed to put together to piss off others. They live for the lolz and laughs and will try to instigate just any fight from attacking your hairstyle, to your reason for living and home pets.


3-The religious/ufo psycho type. These dudes are awesome as they find religious meaning or ufo presence in any article or video out there including videos about purring cats.


4-The misogynists and misandrists. These jolly sexists are always on a holy crusader and jihad against the other sex. Both are convinced they are fighting the good fight. But much like ufo and religious psychos they start holy wars to ‘fix’ humanity that no one cares about.


5-The viagra/penis enlargement/instant riches bots. While technically not human, tho their automatic behavior resembles some other groups alot, this group is ever present spamming the shit out of the comment section of any article.


6-The white knights  and horny fucks. In short these are the dudes whose level of comment participation to any video or article is directly related to if the post was done by a hot girl and how big her breast size is. Some make some simple flattering towards their princess in the comments while others go full perv to make S&M shy.


7-The people who actually have something to say and know how to debate. Rare as they might be this group actually does exist and putting aside the entertaining clownish behavior of other groups actually do help add value to any article. Agree or disagree with the writer as much as you want if you can pen it properly in a way that elaborates or corrects what is published or make a satirical remark to poke fun of its weaknesses is the best thing a community can do online. Sadly its a thing most people online lack.