The Bourne Ultimatum

REVIEW : The Bourne Ultimatum.

Jason Bourne is back and this time is even more extreme than ever!

The tough-guy character that put Matt Damon on Hollywood’s map of action-heroes is back at doing what he does best by beating the living stars out of bad guys in this third installment of the series.

After the Bourne Identity and the Bourne Supremacy, director Paul Greengrass now brings us the Bourne Ultimatum. And it’s about time he did that too seeing how the second movie of the trilogy was just mainly a redundant action flick to the Jason story.

So who is Jason? what is Jason? what is Blackbriar ? and what in Bourne’s name is the actor Matt Damon doing portraying this action oriented character are all important questions that will be answered by simply watching The Bourne Utlimatum.

Well, almost all our questions will be answered, maybe not the last one. It’s just too difficult to imagine who could cast Matt Damon for a James Bond clone-character in the first place… but one should not whine or fret much about it, for the kid Matt Damon is doing an excellent job at it regardless! Matt’s composure and sharp look of vagueness in his eyes give much weight to the character of clueless yet hardy Jason Bourne.

Jumping around rooftops (literally and figuratively) from Paris to Tangier to London to Madrid to New York, the movie sees our solo hero still on the run from his enemies yet still in search for his lost past. An expert in evasion, assassinations, self defense and linguistics, Jason is indeed a very special man. Too bad then that his luck with the ladies is stunted to a cripple in the movies. A Hollywood action movie without the dazzling ladies, now that is indeed a first one!

Also worthy of note is the camera shots and angles, or rather lack of. Simply put if one finds himself by accident a big fan of watching reality tv shows with all the shaking cameras then he wouldn’t be disappointed here. On the other hand, if one is quite sensitive to watching wobbly cameras shooting fast paced action-scenes then that person might be better off taking a sedative pill before watching this movie.

Action packed and interesting, this movie is yet actually quite enjoyable to watch just as long as one doesn’t take it too seriously. Because ultimately this movie isn’t an accurate simulation of how special agents and spies work, rather it’s a good stimulation of our movie-loving senses. Hollywood at its finest!

Quills : 3/5 

Genre : Action