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Top online commenter types

  Whenever an article or blog post is published online a bevy of replies spawns out of nowhere. But regardless from where they pop up, they usually fall into a few defined groups. A small trip to the comments section of youtube will expose you to the wonders of the human condition all condensed in one place in no time. […]

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Top Ways To Waste Time at Work

  Everybody loves to work, well granted not everybody but even those who love to work dose off sometimes at the office. Be it sleepiness, horniness, laziness or the usual not-feeling-like-it, once it strikes you you simply find your work skills disabled as limited as they might have been to start with. So what do you do about it when […]

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Top Youtube Cover Artists

  What’s better than a good hit song ? A cool personalized rendition of it that’s what. Not anyone can pull it off, but those who do stand outside the crowd and provide us with excellent music cover material. So without further ado, here my favorite youtube cover artists right now out there worth subscribing to:

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