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And on the third year the pen rose again!

It’s Easter, a quite fitting time i’d say to go back to writing again. After almost 3 years of not publishing, i feel back in the game. The reason for this long hiatus and resurrection tho is not related to religion, science nor fantasy as well. Instead it’s linked to the cycle of ashes, ember then fire again. Its about […]

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2015 The Year of the Social Justice Creeps

Every year in the calendar has its very own unique set of flavored bullshit, 2015 tho outdone them wall with a deluge avalanche of it. Being raised in the 80s & 90s where political incorrectness bloomed under Beavis & Butthead, Southpark, Married With Children.. i look at this year where attention seeking creeps like Bruce Jenner are given Women of […]

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