Submission Rules

Hello dear ZQuill Fans !!

We at ZQuill really appreciate kinky talent and our kinky fans even more so.

So if you feel you got an article you wrote that is ZQuill material in substance and spirit, please feel to submit it for review by contacting us on [email protected]

To qualify it’s simple,  just naturally write with style and heart and give it your heartfelt best !

Write about anything you fancy !

But please note that to keep the process fair and clear and keep us all happy and smiling, there are some terms and rules for submission 🙂


So kindly take a moment to check the following  MUST READ TERMS & RULES for submissions :

-Write about social issues in a fresh non recycled style and/or write about humour with a dash of Voltaire witticism

-Write in Arabic or English

-Don’t preach or write about ‘absolute truths’, engage in an interesting way to make a point and move on

-No politics, we all know we got excellent stupid politicians here to rip fun of but their own medias are doing a great job making them all look like monkeys. We at ZQuill couldn’t care less which one of them has the biggest banana and we don’t want to get dragged into their cage fights entertaining as they might be.  If you want to write about politics write about politics in general.

-Write focused on one issue or write a top something list

-No advertisement, dont write to advertise yourself, viagra or any other business or service

-No personal information sharing about anyone, this isnt facebook or twitter nor a chat client, it’s an online blog magazine

-Articles submitted are contributions, so we at ZQuill do not owe the author any fees or sexual favors or anything. By submitting you get to win our smiles and appreciation and the admiration of our many fans most of whom are really hot people by our latest estimation

-No anonymous posting or impersonations, we will confirm the identity of new authors with phone contact and/or facebook validation

-Contributor authors will have their name and a contact info of their choosing appended clearly at the end of each of their published submissions (email or phone or weblink or social media link)

-We at ZQuill reserve the right to edit the article for quality (grammar, syntax, formatting, length, vulgarity, clarity..) before publishing. Final edited version of the article will only be published after the author himself/herself validates it with his ok by email

-We at ZQuill will keep an email record of all our contacts with contributors from start to finish to keep things clear and ready for reference

-Submit 2 to 3 pictures with text description with each article for our consideration, we might choose them or we might choose others

-No plagiarism, submit your own original content, we here at ZQuill dont take lightly to anyone copy-pasting the work of others, we will check submitted articles for plagiarism

-We will notify the author of a submitted article within one week of his submission if his/her article made it to the ZQuill publishing queue. If you dont get a confirmation/dis-confirmation from us within the first week then the article didnt make it to the publishing queue by default

-We at ZQuill will notify the author of the submission 1 day before the article gets published online, and also the day it gets published

-We at ZQuill reserve the right to decide when to publish a qualified article

-If you published your article before with someone, please state it when you submit and also make sure that where it was published doesn’t retain exclusivity rights on it and doesn’t break their terms and conditions

-Only we at ZQuill reserve the right to decide if we want to keep a qualified article compliant with the terms online or delete it, authors cant ask us to delete the article after they get published

-Submitted articles reflect the opinion of the contributor author only

-Contributing authors can re-submit their articles to other sites too but if it was published on ZQuill first they must reference ZQuill original publishing with a link

-Any future competition rules might or might not apply to old contributed articles, it depends on each competition

-Dont bash our competition, we at ZQuill love our competition, so only we can bash them

-Article size must be between 300 words and 1000 words

-Please submit the article text in the email body itself,  no attachments apart from the images 

-Only we at ZQuill reserve the right to decide if a submitted article qualifies for publishing on ZQuill or not

-Only we at ZQuill reserve the right to modify the terms and rules at anytime

-By submitting an article you agree to the above terms and rules


To submit, please contact us at [email protected]


Thank you & Best Wishes,

Roy & Terry