REVIEW: Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

Synopsis: A spaceship arrives in Arizona, 1873, to take over the Earth, starting with the Wild West region. A posse of cowboys and natives are all that stand in their way. Imdb
DirectorJon Favreau
Stars: Daniel CraigHarrison Ford and Olivia Wilde

Review: A total disappointment, and judging by the title, it wasn’t really a surprise.

It started out just fine, but with every scene going by you will find how much ridiculous a film can turn out to be. It’s a pitiful screenplay to say the least, and I don’t know how great actors like Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford can gamble on such a weak screenplay even if the director is Jon Favreau who’s also partnered up with one of the best cinematographers on the planet Matthieu Libatique.

Seeing all the players, cowboys and aliens should definitely be a masterpiece. Unfortunately, the characters weren’t well introduced you will have no sympathy for any of them and definitely not care if they get eaten or kidnapped. This made the film totally uninteresting and dull. There’s no chemistry between Craig and Ford nor between aliens and cowboys.
Given that Bond and Indiana can’t work together, I’ll have to wait for Bond 23 and cross my fingers there won’t be any Indy 5. (I would only accept that if George Lucas step out from the writing process that screwed the fourth installment)

Contributed Review by Professional Flixter reviewer Raja Naufal. Link 

Quills: 1.5/5

Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Action

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ZQuill Editor Notes: I have to agree with Raja 100% on this one, but one thing i’d like to add is that for me Olivia Wilde was hot as usual and made this stupid popcorn flick at least for me quite bearable 🙂

Olivia Wilde

 yay !