Raptor Call of Shadows


Every man has his first time, you might blush a bit, have too much of a blood rush, get overwhelmed at the beauty of all you are looking at, feel your heart pumping and do some clumsy things too.

The first time is always special and memorable, you never forget that, let alone when your first game is Raptor Call of Shadows by Apogee Software.. indeed it leaves an impression

When I first saw it on my brand new 486dx2 and played it I was like, wow..

Funny thing is, how would I know that many many years later, this vertical shooter would still remain to be by far the best polished and entertaining game of its genre..

So no nostalgia talk is complete without Raptor.

Those dipshits who thought Xenon was the shit are morons, this is the shit right here.

ah the new and improved Xenon 2.. honestly who the fucks comes up with this shit

You take control of a renegade fighter jet pilot out do correct the wrongs of some evil organization in all corners of the globe, the details of all of this being rather sketchy but who really gives a fuck

From blowing up glistening cityscapes, cute tiny cars and setting buildings on fire while fighting off hordes after hordes of diverse enemy ground and air fighters, to beautifully setting ablaze trees and dug in tanks in some lost tropical jungles somewhere, to even blowing up a nice shining moon base with its assorted space ships defending it, you get it all with Raptor !

As long as you don’t ask yourself what on earth is going on you are set and ready to enjoy this game.

BOOM !! ah none retarded graphix + sensible violence, that’s more like it !!

At first the game controls seem a bit strange, even perhaps sluggish compared to other game titles of the same genre, but you soon not only get to grips with them but also start to appreciate how cool and interesting the fine controls can be in dodging incoming fire and laying asmack of hellish counter fire on enemy fighters.

The gameplay feel is both unique and addictive, god knows i missed many shitty homeworks over this and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat  (kids if you are reading this don’t take me as an example,I’m very bad at setting good examples  , you’ll end up writing irresponsible game articles like me when you grow up )

The sound of bullets ricocheting on your plane’s hull as well as the background music is really something you don’t forget easily, it’s captivating and engrossing.

You get a few cool weapons you can buy later on, but basically there are just 2 main weapon upgrades you’ll have to buy to get through the hordes of enemies like a bulldozer in a stadium full of angry hooligans armed with Molotov cocktails, the automatic machine gun and later the dual laser !

It’s just like a knife going through butter, more or less, if you take into consideration the epic amount ofvirtual explosions and violence being spread about

I played this game many times over, even on the toughest difficulty, which is to say pretty damn difficult

From my understanding this DOS game was re-released on windows in a more modern port, never tried that but I got it on my iphone !! cool stuff

Get some megabombs and health picks and multiple shields and dual lasers to slice through enemies and nice music and unique graphics and you get yourself a winner game

The bosses where a true pleasure to blow up

the bitch is going down even if i have to skip three more homeworks tonight !

The artistic style of this game really sets it aside, even til this day

You got shading and good textures and nice lighting feel, it’s not fucking flat

Love this game, truly recommend you recheck it if you can !

Magic pixel stuff

Apogee were very good at making great games

From the big picture to the small stuff that matter, they nailed it all down

[youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”pYa2g9_5Ss4″]

Do note, a 386 with a DX math coprocessor is recommended, if you have one of those fancy new core i7 SX cpus without the DX coprocessor this game might not run so well..

review originally published by Roy on our sister site www.gamebuzz.me