Portal 2


Well, it’s been a small wait since the original but thankfully Portal 2 made it in the end.

You see, i didnt get the chance to check out the original game and i was itching to try my hands on this first person puzzler !

To see what the hype was all about, so just let me inform you then, i wasn’t disappointed.


[youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”JZD17pQSqUU”]

hmm, ¬†looks complicated, perhaps i can ask the potato wedged on my gun what it thinks…

The game is crazy, and in a very good way.

The general premise of this game to get through levels with a ‘portal gun’.

You know, where you get to shoot and open 2 portals around that always connect to each other.

Ah the things we can do with such a toy in real life… but i digress !

Now that portal gun thingy by itself is hmm.. a bit interesting ya, but where the real crazy fun comes from is from the assorted weirdness each level is littered with, with hilarious moronic yet deadly robots laying around to machines you have to trigger and time properly to combine together with your actions for a successful exit of the level.

The damn gameplay is addictive ! even more so when the game itself comes very much polished.

Excellent subtle background music that really puts up the pace, really nice elegantly designed levels and physics and dynamics that will really wow you,  all in Portal 2.

For instance the crazy game has puzzles with liquid and fluid physics, now that’s kickass shit if i ever saw any in a game.

see i wasnt shitting you ! that’s real in game fluids !!!

Also instead of just making a game with a series of sequential yet unconnected puzzles, the guys at Valve really put together an interesting story that to be honest is one of the most hilarious ones out there.

You’ll be both blessed and cursed with the company of some strange robots let me tell you that, but i wouldnt want to spoil anything, you need to check it out yourself.

This game is really interesting, it’s not just visuals like some stupid dumbass games out there, granted it is pretty with excellent lighting, but this is such a nice challenge to put your wits against the puzzles of each level and to enjoy the nice atmosphere of everything else while you are at it.

In short it is actually a GAME, since it combines great art and great gameplay with great programming.

I definitly recommend this game, it’s a classic as long as your in the mood for puzzles and not shooting zombies.

Plus u get to play it in coop mod, now that is Will Ferrell type of serious craziness.

really these two robots are the perfect co-op stupidty match for laughs made in heaven

Honestly guys, i just have to commend the developers for taking so much time and deligent effort to think it through, kudos !

In short, on a rating scale of retarded Lump Potato to Kickass i surely give this sweet game a full 5 Kickass Quills rating in a portal heartbeat.


review originally published by Roy on our sister site www.gamebuzz.me