Pirates of the Caribbean 3


REVIEW: Pirates of the Caribbean 3 At World’s End.

The fresh air of the Caribbean makes an agreeable comeback with this third installment of the successful franchise about the far flung quests of a motley group of hilariously back stabbing pirates. With more swash-buckling sea adventures than one could probably shake a cutlass sword at, this movie holds up well to its promised potential when compared directly to its two smash-hit predecessors.

We rejoin Johnny Depp in his acclaimed portrayal of the Black Pear’s ever contested captain: the ever witty Jack Sparrow. An unmissable womanizer and a living repertoire of poignant wordplay, Jack Sparrow finds himself in this movie at World’s End in need of dire rescuing himself. Off to the rescue of “stricken” Jack are his old mates and buddies. Yet each one is tagging along with his or her own contrived designs and not so selfless purposes. Keira Knightley is even more radiant then before in her role as the mild mannered Elizabeth Swann which has decisively undergone some serious makeover in stance and conduct. Her character now plays a much more involved part in the story than it did previously. Will Turner, played by Orlando Bloom, is still as meek and pliant as always but without his former haplessness. Although masculine improvements to his previously lackluster character have indeed been incorporated into the plotline, they are just not enough for him to steal the spotlight. Last but not least, the great Bill Nighy still manages to impress us with his excellent execution of the CG character Davy Jones. His performance is simply masterful and brings to life the half-squid captain of the Dutchman.

Unexpected alliances and plot twists litter about as the story progresses forth into an all-out debacle. Action wise, the movie is packed full to the brim. There is barely a moment of let up. Plot wise, it keeps you intrigued enough to keep your attention from falling into unwanted slumber. Visually, the special effects department has yet again outdone itself in this movie. Overall, the film is probably up to par in entertainment value with the first movie of the trilogy. In conclusion, if you find yourself in need of some cool action packed movie refresher, or you simply want to find out what happened to Jack Sparrow at the end of the previous Curse of the Black Pearl, then this movie is just for you. It has everything one could need from the magical Caribbean islands without having the pleasure of stumbling unto some charming cutthroat sea bandits in the process..

Quills: 4/5

Genre : comedy, fantasy, action