What if you could see into the future ? What would you do with such a cool gift? Well, Frank Cadillac knows what to do with it: he pretty much tries his best to avoid ever using it. For apparently seeing into the future alters it accordingly.

There goes your one chance to try and cheat to win at the national lottery !

Setting aside this paradoxal plotline, Nicolas Cage embraces the silver screen yet again playing the role of zany mr. Frank Cadillac who also happens to be known as Cris Johnson in the movie. Soon things start to get complicated for our unsuspecting hero when a group of  terrorists decide to blow up a stolen nuke somewhere in the Unites States. Rather than being heroic about it and following things through with a proper prophecy or vision our hero couldn’t be less indifferent about it! And so, special agents from the government are sent in to fetch him by force in a desperate move on their part after they had somehow found out about his special aptitudes. As if that wasn’t enough Frank Cadillac is also busy obsessing about a girl which he always dreams about -who is played in this case by the charming actress Jessica Biel in the role of Elizabeth Cooper-. But catching a man who can see into the future is a difficult prospect to say the least. Playing opposite Nicolas Cage is Julianne Moore in the role of the solemnly serious agent Callie Ferris who is out to get him. The terrorists have also a vested interest in seeing that the federal agents don’t get to Frank Cadillac before he is properly disposed off.

Undoubtedly things quickly then get intertwined and complicated as soon as the movie starts and leaves us wanting for more. Fans of Nicolas Cage will not be disappointed in this thriller packed with action and a nice sense of well placed humor. The acting is mainly on par with what you would expect from a decent movie and the computer graphics do make an interesting entrance in some critical scenes and shots. While it’s all been done before, it’s never been done like this exactly. There is still a lot of novelty to be discovered within the ideas and execution of this movie.

The movie is well directed and sturdy, the crew did their job here without necessarily over excelling in the process. It’s a nice movie with very little things to nag about.

Based on a short story called “The Golden Man”, “Next” is a movie that is seriously going to keep you wanting to know what is going to happen next. A definite winner in the category of action thrillers.

Quills : 3/5 

Genre : action, science fiction