Online censorship S&M style


Some might have noticed that i haven’t managed to put quill & ink to paper for quite a bit of time now. Somehow my sarcastic muse had died, my inspiration dried. The fires in me dwindled, I couldn’t write, I was feeling out of the fight.

But then a current newsflash hit me today, a new bright social comet for our lebanese society to send it straight into the shining world of the Planets of the Apes again and my fires were roused.

You see, some exceedingly bright chap in the lebanese ministry of information thought it a good idea to focus all his mental powers and give birth to a socially retarded draft about online publishing laws. Whether a lower or higher management prodigy is behind this great mental opus who knows..

So what am I talking about ?

I’m talking about freedom of speech being gang raped in the butt again in a politically correct S&M nazi fascist style that’s what.

The new draft law proposes to ‘protect’ website and blog owners by hanging a Damocles Sword over their necks. But before you worry, don’t panic or fret, know that this sword will be held by the just hands of those same lebanese wisemen that have proven themselves over and over again to be as unbiased and discerning as gentlemen horny cats out for a midnight fuck.

They wont ever censor you out if you play nice..


ah thanks & here i was getting fed up of my impudent uncensored alter self..


In short the law proposes that website owners play nice and shut their trap.

No more morally unacceptable comments anymore will be allowed.

No more social progress of new thoughts. See as Voltaire noted, its very dangerous to be right on matters where the established authority of retards on the subject is dead wrong.

So in that sense, they are doing us a great favor here by expecting us to play nice and shut our traps while our tv stations and newspapers keep indulging in more unsourced political and propagandist orgies that start civil wars and strife and get us all killed over a holy bag of peanuts.

How benevolent and thoughtful of them. Yes please do regulate us, the internet was born to be regulated, just look at it thriving in China and the Gulf from Ksa to Iran..

Yes indeed, you are expected to register your name if you own a website and you are expected to not disturb the delicate moral fabric of our pristine civilized society with your words unless you want to be sued and fined.

So no more telling retards they are retards each time they hide under beds in each solar eclipse and no more badmouthing hooligans that run over pedestrians on the roads with their 4 wheel drives.

No more asking why it’s it a bad thing if people showed love and kissed in public, and what’s wrong with joking sometimes about awesome tits, boobs and blowjobs.


oh  thank you thank you, if i saw one more nipple, ass or tit my fragile mind was about to explode..


Also, since multitasking is known to be too mentally challenging for most government posts, they also expect you to manage only one website at a time, as for why exactly only god knows.

We might be living in a magical Wonderland here in Lebanon that Alice herself might mind find too sick & twisted, but you got to hand it to them, when our lebanese officials want to fuck something up they do it with great panache, flare and style.

I propose the next bright step they take is to censor books and movies.. oh wait we are already doing that now..

If you ask me i hope this proposed law goes to hell like SOPA did in the USA, but then again we are already in hell here so what the hell am I talking about.

Well, at least I’ll look positively at all this and see how it inspired me to write again due to its sheer Guinness book bullshit scale of awesomeness for a while.



 and who said censorship wasnt kinky shit..