Larry Box Office Bust

REVIEW :  Larry Box Office Bust.

I like the Leisure Suit Larry series of games.

Sure some find them retared or sexist. Myself i generally like them and for the old days they were quite fun. But now we have the Larry franchise released two times in 3d already for the pc.

So just how good is this Larry then ?

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The last Larry title saw Larrry Lovage (who’s uncle is the original Larry Laffer) going to university to score with chicks not points mind you of course.

It was interesting and playable and titled Leisure Suit Larry Magna Cum Laude.. i’m not kidding that’s  a sentence used in academia actually and seems to mean high honors!

The newest Larry game is called Box Office Box.

I got to check it out a bit and from what i can tell it’s a mixed thing.

The story takes place with Larry Lovage again. This time around he finds himself working in Tinsel Town of the adult industry.

Somehow i think that environement works well for someone like Larry !

The plot is full with run of the mill under the pants jokes, nothing too funny unfortunatly.

The dialogue goes overboard with uncensored words, no problem but it could have been used in funnier jokes if you ask me.

As you go around doing errands in this big Tinsel town of the adult industry you quicly realise you are running around alot from one location to another.

This isn’t excatly fun.

Plus the camera controls are flunky and dizzying. Both the dynamic camera that follows you and the static cameras indoors.

Also it seems to be quick port from the consoles to the pc. The button icons ingame are not descriptive.

Asking you to press Button 4 on the pc isn’t exactly telling.

The puzzles themselves are too simple, no fun in them mostly. Coupled with running around alot and running around again alot between save spots, you start wondering where is the fun game in all of that.

At first you really want to explore this PornWood Tinsel town but quicly you start to wonder if that was a good choice.

The game uses the Unreal 3 engine.  A bit overkill in my opinion.

It looks good, the colors are bright and textures cartoony and nice.

But the modelling is a mixed blessing. All characters have cute bodies but literally horrible faces.

Strange art direction.

The only part that really shines is the voice overs. Pretty top notch stuff. Well done.

And this is it basically, Leisure Suit Larry Box Office Bust seems interesting like the last game but unlike the last game it can give you a bad hard time enjoying the gameplay (pun more than intended)

review originally published by Roy on our sister site