Interstellar Movie Review


So what happens when you make passionate love conceiving a movie??

A product of sweet love that’s what, give and take a few sloppy sex moves here and there as well.

But first, I need to get something off the bat. Yes I am a science fiction fanboy. But only for movies and novels that flirt with our emotions and inquisitive human nature and don’t puke stupid shit straight in our face.

Luckily for me then Interstellar wasn’t a puke in the face fest. 

It’s not a pure scientific movie lets be clear, its science fiction so not all the ideas it presents are totally reasonable according to current day science at least.

But I loved the adventure it had to offer and what it overdid as sloppy was forgivable to a great extent.

So what’s the big deal you say? Well for starters I’ll list what it got right in my book.

The musical soundtrack.. now how can I put this delicately, it was orgasmic shit.

In a big theater it grips you quite well.

I also liked the overall dystopian but plausible scenario portraying the future earth.

Coupled with respectable acting and freshly beautiful desolate alien scenery you actually connect to the story on a genuine human level most of the time. You don’t become apathetic; you really feel for the antagonists and wish them the best.

And here is when I have to talk about the complementary sloppy sex part of it.

This story doesn’t continue throughout consistently with its initial hopeful yet dark and brooding theme.

Without disclosing any spoilers, in my opinion at one point the story decides to compromise by going cliché Hollywood style honestly not leaving much to the imagination nor wondering. Instead blatantly spoon feeding you the remainder of the storyline according to mass food Hollywood standards.

I don’t know who was behind this call, and I understand all movies have to sell, but I am personally against it regardless. This isn’t a mindless popcorn movie to start with like the Transformers-teen-ass series. And the unique identity of any movie that isn’t a Hollywood clone is what gives it a chance at shining the brightest.

That said, the story’s presentational shift didn’t spoil the movie completely for me. I still enjoyed the general idea, the visuals, the intriguing questions it poses and the music was epic great.

As an overall package and if you are not too nit-picky about science facts nor fiction styles and you love honestly captivating science fiction stories that are mostly very well done then I seriously recommend you watch it for the kicks.


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