GamerGate, Behind the Veil



As misogynists and sexist feminists find ample ripe ground to square off over all possible trivial bullshit in the new controversial quicksand that the GamerGate phenomenon brought to the social media plates, there is another deeper driving force for this conflict under the veil.


For those of you who don’t know yet, GamerGate started originally when some gamers criticized a possible inappropriate journalistic article by a Kotaku game reviewer who it was claimed was dating a developer from the game he wrote about without disclosing it.

After that, it became a multiple campaign war of bullshit attracting every dog in the neighborhood from all sides that wanted a reason to bark at something.

Some self proclaimed feminists rushed to the defense of the developer claiming she was attacked simply because she was a woman bypassing the whole original point, and as is expected some gamers with dick issues weighed in on the matter with their delicate dickhead sexist trolling attitudes making shit sparkle further.

As the gauntlet of mutually thrown crap took over and the cacophony of bullshit deafened everyone, the original point of holding game journalists accountable for their actions and the supposed scandal of their behavior got buried as the campaign turned into a pissing contest between elitist journalists & their sexist feminist supporters on one hand and sexist gamer trolls on the other over the ‘male game culture’ altogether.

Sadly the media buzz doesn’t notice that there is a huge part of the gaming community that supports the #GamerGate movement and that is made up of feminist men & women and also a big part that supports the Anti-GamerGate movement that aren’t elitists or fake feminist bigots who just mistakenly associate #GamerGate with the game trolls and not with the average gamers.

That is just shortsighted.

There are sexist people from both genders in this debacle and no one gender speaks for one side.

So no this is not a female vs male thing, nor a feminist vs misogynist thing.

This is at its core a manifestation of the distrust that currently exist between the game journalism world and most of the gamers themselves.

There is nothing critically anti-feminist with ‘male oriented game culture’ btw.

This culture has existed for a long time as a business product model.

It not perfect, but it wasnt designed to attack women either.

In all but very few shitty sexist japanese games, men are portrayed as unrealistic super hulks just as women are portrayed as unrealistically super sexy.

Both genders were always portrayed unrealistically. Some games also portray women as physically equally strong to men as you can see in all fighting games. Which in real life is rare. So no we cant wake up one morning and decide that the game culture is ‘rotten and male oriented to denigrate women’ if some games have a lead character risking his life to save his girlfriend.. If some ‘feminist’ people actually have issues with this traditional plot setup, then the next time a thug in real life attacks one of them she can kick his ass herself and let her boyfriend rest instead.

‘Feminist Gamers’ are neither feminists nor gamers, they are ignorant gamers and gender bullies simple as that.

As for the other side, the gamer trolls, no they don’t define the game culture. These annoying dicks have been a pain in the neck of everybody who ever encountered them. They mindlessly argue to argue and are stupid shits who get a kick out of pissing people off .

They are part of the culture like bacteria is part of the human body but they are not the culture itself. Saying that the game culture is rotten because trolls exist is the same as saying that the human race is full of shit because some of us are fascist.

And that’s the problem with elitists, they equally suck as much as morons but they never notice it.

So here the attack itself on the gaming culture by many journalists as they hide behind a thin veil of feminism is a failed frustrated attack on ex-customers that don’t value them anymore.

Don’t they say that if you want attention then go ‘stir up some shit’ ?

Simply put, when a lone YouTube reviewers gets more views and likes and subscribers than high budget companies like Gamespot and IGN and Kotaku put together, you can bet your ass they will be seriously upset about it.

Their role as the ‘holy purveyors’ of gaming wisdom is dying if not dead already.

For a long time they shaped the tide of the industry with just one review or magazine cover. They were the makers and shakers of sales and public gaming opinion.

But as time passed by and they all became enamored with writing marketing bullshit pieces instead of actual personal game reviews gamers themselves started to take them less seriously and move on to more independent reviewers.

Many triple A game publishers got in bed with magazine reviewers a long time ago to peddle their half baked buggy shit on the streets. And we even detected an initial animosity towards many small indie games in the beginning days of when indie games started to steal from the traditional game market. They didn’t cover them or take them seriously at all then.

With time this migration to indie reviewers and games lead to disdain from both established game journalists and gamers themselves. Most gamers started viewing big outlets reviewing a released game as just a paid marketing article on behalf of the publisher itself and journalists felt the sting of this with people seriously giving released titles different community scores and flocking in droves to YouTube reviewers who are more honest and actually know their gaming shit better and who put actual effort into the content they create and the views they present.

Business just isn’t as good as it used to be for the big magazines, so it is in this respect that we must understand their attack on the culture of gaming by allowing some of their bored journalists the luxury to attack the gamers they are supposed to sell to and trying to stir up useless debates to give their position and opinion value again trying to win from the still largely untapped female gamer market what they lost from their male market..

Yet you can be assured if this culture was still their favorite cash milking cow they would praise mindless macho games like crazy. They would even shave its balls, massage it slowly and give it the best handjob this side of the planet to keep it happy .

But that is not the case now, the business model has shifted.

Whatever it takes they will do it, as long as it doesn’t involve them actually doing their job of independently and subjectively reviewing game titles. Having your income come from ads from the game publishers themselves instead of the gamers kinda does this to you.

So if we put all the shouting crazies aside, this under the veil monetary issue is at the core of GamerGate.