Don Juan with the back of his hand


A strong firm hand,  flung in the air, smacking her right in the face, makes you a man..

Mind you though that a true man, would never smack in the face where it would clearly show like that.

No, your wife, your sister, your daughter heck even your fresh new prey girlfriend, all have a soft cheek that was made to be slapped around but don’t be a fool now, its best to punch them straight in the guts where it wont show so well according to some wise ancient religious text.

Just what could be sweeter than to hit another person around ?
Well hitting another physically weaker person for a start. Also the hits become all the more sweeter if you are hitting close family girls.

Sweet family girls to abuse with physical violence when mental violence is just not enough to keep them in line with your imperial whims and commands.

Trully who needs to respect other people when he can just beat them around for upsetting him or annoying him or not doing what he demands. Also there’s nothing like beating your wife to tender pulp to beat that awful boredom out of your system and make you feel important somehow..

The man of the house is the king of the castle in the end and if he decides to play the sadistic stupid weasel piece of shit of a man, who is to say no ?


The law? a society without balls ? or his son putting a knife in his head for beating his mom again?

No no worries, the law is old and fat risk it will be change with fat clergy around, and societies are as chivalrous as rats in sewers in medieval towns and the son, oh well let’s be honest, after seeing his dad beat his mom left and right and getting away with it the son will probably grow up to be just like his nice dad especially when his cute sister is nearby to practice on his backhand.

Those who criticize such crimes are missing the point in the end.

The ladies just love it when you are a Don Juan half piss shadow of a man despicable enough to be spreading your tender bile to them with the back of your hand.

Yes god forbid someone stops this, passing a law holding someone with half dick for a head accountable for his vile crimes against his own family will surely destroy the sanctity of marriage as a beautiful union of cheeks, faces and smacking backhands..


SUPPORT NOW the proposed law to defend the rights of LEBANESE WOMEN AGAINST HOUSEHOLD VIOLENCE before your daughter becomes someone’s soft punching bag next..


well at least we now know where this habit came from..

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