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The real deal with anabolic steroids

  Lots of stuff is written about steroids in mass media but few take a moment to actually say¬†something clear about both its pros & cons. For many people who don’t know what steroids are in detail is it usually portrayed as en evil like heroin and for many people who use it it is portrayed as ambrosia, the divine […]

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Top online commenter types

  Whenever an article or blog post is published online a bevy of replies spawns out of nowhere. But regardless from where they pop up, they usually fall into a few defined groups. A small trip to the comments section of youtube will expose you to the wonders of the human condition all condensed in one place in no time. […]

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One day we’ll have an Independence Day

  I usually write satire. But i wont this time. I’ll handle this topic differently for a change. So today we celebrate in Lebanon our 2014 Independence Day. While this occasion has become synonymous locally with either apathy, robotic political milking and/or joking disdain, it actually had its good roots at one point. So what is Independence Day in general […]

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