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Larry Box Office Bust

REVIEW :  Larry Box Office Bust. I like the Leisure Suit Larry series of games. Sure some find them retared or sexist. Myself i generally like them and for the old days they were quite fun. But now we have the Larry franchise released two times in 3d already for the pc. So just how good is this Larry then ?

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Dune 2

REVIEW: Dune 2. The planet Arrakis , known as Dune, land of sand, home of the spice mélange The spice controls the empire, whoever controls Dune controls the spice… These words are still etched unto my soul and memory since I first laid eyes on Dune 2’s mesmerizing intro sequence.. Pretty cheesy by today’s standards, but for the day that intro […]

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Raptor Call of Shadows

REVIEW: RAPTOR. Every man has his first time, you might blush a bit, have too much of a blood rush, get overwhelmed at the beauty of all you are looking at, feel your heart pumping and do some clumsy things too. The first time is always special and memorable, you never forget that, let alone when your first game is […]

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Portal 2

REVIEW : PORTAL 2. Well, it’s been a small wait since the original but thankfully Portal 2 made it in the end. You see, i didnt get the chance to check out the original game and i was itching to try my hands on this first person puzzler ! To see what the hype was all about, so just let […]

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