REVIEW: Brink.

Veni Vidi Vixi..

It’s roman for I came, I saw, I lived..

So do you want to know how that applies to Brink ?

Just change the sentence to I came, I saw, I left and never came back..

Jokes aside, Brinks is what happens when Fallout and Quake have unprotected underage relations together.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”oVU2h2bXCV4″]

Brink was a bit of a hyped game before release.

It’s a FPS first person shooter, but team based goal oriented and clearly designed for multiplayer more than single player. Very much like Team Fortress.

The story plot takes place aboard a floating city in the future, the Ark,  left derelict in the ocean after losing contact with the people of the mainland after widespread floods took place.

Now it plays host to the immigrants that came to it for shelter at one point named Guests, and the original inhabitants of this technological spa/resort named the Founders.

Needless to say since this is an FPS, the two sides need to start shooting at each other at some point, one to escape the ark the other to keep the order.. So you decide to pick and choose which side you are on in this story.

The game is based on the Quake Wars engine for its networking capabilities but with a complete new renderer according to the developers. Since Bethesda software is the publisher, the developers at Splash Damage decided to try to blend in some elements of the Fallout series of games with that of Quake into this game for entertainment effect.

Interesting to note that the distributor is also Valve also,  i find that too funny somehow..

But how does Brink stand its ground now after its release date?

Well, after playing it for a bit i can state in simple terms what i liked and didnt like about it.


-excellent intro movie

-interesting art design, fresh

-interesting menu user interface

-interesting voice acting

-cool character customizations, both visual and in abilities

-cool blend of quake and fallout elements from the developers


-buggy and crash prone

-runs horrible on ATI cards unpatched

-the ingame UI is cluttered with confusing icons

-the ingame sound effects are no good, lame stuff

-the weapons feel too much like Quake Wars and they are a bit similar in feel

-team mates and enemies act weird, this is not Unreal 3 caliber AI teammates

-not as fluid flowing an experience as it should be, more confusing than anything

-the gameplay ends up feeling too generic and unpolished

-8 maps to play, both for campaign and multiplay

Brink is a bit of a paradox game.

You see polished game art trying to put itselt atop a mindless network shooter that is far from polished.

It favors presentation over content. Too bad, it’s doing itself no favors here.

There is wasted potential here.  I was drawn to it by the artwork at first but i can’t say i enjoyed playing it much in the end.

You might enjoy it more than i did though,

But these are my 2 cents..

review originally published by Roy on our sister site