Borderlands The Pre-Sequel PC Game Review



Asking if Borderlands the Pre-Sequel is fun is like asking if beer is awesome or if Kim Jong Un is a total nut-job! Hell yes it’s fun ! But don’t take my word for it, take the word of every reviewer who played it as well !

So what’s the catch you ask, isn’t this the same as previous Borderlands 1 and 2 ?

Well Yes and No.

Yes it kept all the funny working crap we had in the original games and No it’s no longer exactly the same game as it added alot more welcome retarded fun.


Gameplay wise its similar to the originals but with additions that make it stand out.

Firstly you got 4 totally new characters classes including Claptrap !

Yes you heard that right. Play that class at our own risk though as it’s hilarious.

My own favorite class is the LawBringer, i’m always a sucker for mass shooting everything up close and taking distant head shots.

Also gameplay wise the AI in the Pre-Sequel is great. They are challenging to beat and that’s awesome as they run around, jump over, swarm you or hide to try to break your line of sight.

They also added a new dimension to the gameplay here by allowing you to fight in low gravity environments where jumping high while shooting becomes a critical trick to master.

Grinding to level up though is still the same as before and myself personally i am not a fan of this approach. I know alot of players like to take their time to grind and level up but personally i always loved to lightly speed run levels not killing everyone and as you can imagine speed running into a region were the NPCS are level 22 while you are level 18 is a pain in the butt.

Still, the fighting gameplay especially head shots is fun and the game campaign is not short.

The ability to play the levels in 4 player co-op mode is great as well.

Visually, this game is just stunning. Even more beautiful than Borderlands 2 with impressive level designs and visual effects. I honestly think this is the best looking cell shaded game i played so far. Yaay Unreal Engine!

Music wise it’s also well done, with background tracks that remind me of the movie Tron.

A great style to set up mood and support the action itself.

Story wise its the best of the series as it puts you next to Handsome Jack before he became a total asshole and gives you more insight into the vaults themselves.

The overall crazy futurist western theme found on Pandora can be found here as well on its moon Elpis. You also get to fight on Hyperion the big ass H shaped space station as well and it is equally there a blast (pun intended).

This is a fun and polished FPS. You truly enjoy being in the boots of a Vault Hunter.

And while it is similar to its predecessors, it thankfully managed to escape the common trap of being a bland clone and not an original unique title of the franchise.

So hats off to 2K Australia for this project. I had my doubts but they clearly seem to know what to do and put their heart and soul into it too, giving us gamers value and not recycled garbage like some others devs.

Well done lads, well done !

Definitely recommend this one.