Benefits of Politics

People always seem to under appreciate the true benefits of politics.

Sure politics might seem about correcting the economy and equally boring matters such as social welfare and providing job opportunities to those mid-class bums but on the inside it is much more than that really, it’s magical and all about inexplicable super powers.

First politics is all about getting the great masses a means to identify themselves with a properly colored herd of their choosing and then get them to go down to the street en mass and commemorate it all with a political march photo-shoot celebrating the ascension of their political idol to godhood.

It is also a way to vent off all your racial and sectarian and social prejudice in a politically correct fashion and assume you are supporting a political party that truly represents your final solution. You know.. that one that is totally humanitarian in getting rid of all them other minorities that are so annoying you.

And if it was not for the mass religious craze-like effect that politics induces daily into people about such critical matters as whom won the votes of what faculty of sub-law in this and that backwater region, or who has the bigger partisan followers in this or that pre highschool, without politics people would be honestly bored and resort to entertain themselves again in the streets naturally & pant-less to add.

So politics is all about the hustle and bustle of drama over absolutely nothing like those great soap operas where great Don Quichotte political heroes, most of whom barely know how to spell their name properly on anything else from a bankcheck or last 10 seconds in a street fight, showcase to the excited masses their eloquent speech talents and guide them to the great unknown of the future responsibly.. Mentioning throughout how their god or superior intellect told them to lead us all and save us much like Moses lead and saved his people by stranding them for a few decades in the desert, all the while talking calmly with confidence and/or fervently with passion to tv cameras from behind bullet proof glass screens.

You see political leaders always represent the Cream de la Cream of any political party who is still searching for a political vision 10+ years after its inception and cake party. True deep men of vision that can be totally trusted to put your own interest as an unnamed peasant in front of their own mood swings and appetites and lack of connected brain neurons.

Whether its about what foreign policy to best adopt to stop whoring one’s own country or stop nuking others to steal from them and give back to the poor in your own administration, or whether about changing how a totally messed up crippled corrupt economy is now working and risk upsetting your sponsors, politics has absolutely nothing to do with any of this stupid stuff as endless tv shows  and newspaper articles recycle political debates about the who said what 20 years ago and what supposedly your opponent is thinking now but never said, always all informing us about the stuff that really matter and that improve our daily lifestyle as they daily all increase our taxes.

It is said that if you lie about something enough it becomes the truth in the end but in politics you never need to lie, you start by making up the truth and just inform the eager masses about it constantly, like an all knowing lady Gaga and other wise tv pop idol superstars.

What the true shakers and makers money cartels are doing in the background influencing every voter and politician and candidate with their generous donations and media monopoly over democratic propaganda channels has nothing to do with politics, cuz politics is all about you fighting it over with your own neighbor over Sunday barbecue about what his political hero leader supposedly said to your political leader or supposedly did a few thousand years ago while he was in the shit can while your own leader was getting served a nice calm office blowjob..  in the end its about feeling proud to be the bigger more stubborn moron of the two around the barbecue.

So it’s all about the stuff that matters. All the benefits of reason are to be found in politics.

You always stand reassured to know you have men in leadership positions scratching their balls on yachts spending hundreds of billions of dollars on arms and oil deals and political bullshit invasions that kill millions of people in their native countries and that still cant find the 10million dollars needed to support the funding to detect most near earth space objects that might collide with earth and wipe us all out, in this day and age when we actually have the technology to prevent this natural phenomenon from recurring. Or allow some shady corporation somewhere to patent parts of the human dna genome so that no one else can access it for medical research without paying them royalties for being assholes and sponsors of this and that political party that is covering them and daily preaching how morally evil stem cell research is since it doesn’t make them enough profit..

Now that’s talent if anything, especially that so many people feel so strongly about such types of political leadership and love to preach you about the benefits of such politics.

And since it’s THAT important that’s why we can never assume to be knowledgeable enough to talk about politics here on ZQuill what with all of those reckless near-earth dick jokes jumping around from some of our articles and my personal unrefined limited understanding of the whole world wide universal concept of bullshit titless political propaganda..