And on the third year the pen rose again!

It’s Easter, a quite fitting time i’d say to go back to writing again.

After almost 3 years of not publishing, i feel back in the game.

The reason for this long hiatus and resurrection tho is not related to religion, science nor fantasy as well. Instead it’s linked to the cycle of ashes, ember then fire again.

Its about time i get back to it then, lots of video games & movies need reviewing and good old stupid social bullshit topics needs some pin pricking..

So what happened and what’s next, allow me to explain.

I’m naturally drawn to writing, it was always one of favorite means of expression and articulation in my mental belt and tool chain.

But a few years back i reached a tipping point where i needed to take a break and reassess pretty much everything as i felt i was part of a retarded clown circus.

The last article i wrote was criticizing social justice insanity and won me 6+ month of constant hacking attempts to take the blog down. It was tired already and all this social justice insanity war was simply not worth it.

For me the entire concept of writing was to espouse and push towards critical thinking and penned artistry. To challenge and get challenged without resorting to personal feces flinging like monkeys. Anything else was and is just a misuse of the power of words for propaganda purposes and/or personal public ‘masturbational’ satisfaction through endless virtue signalling.

I’m a classic liberal. For me individualism is the tenet of everything. Collectivism is cancer.

I liked and was inspired by it until it got run over by social justice imbeciles.

Freedom of expression, funny wit and critical thinking are my holy trinity as adopted by  luminaries like Voltaire and Mark Twain who criticized social norms when those fell flat on the scale of logic & decency and they didn’t try to push forward any social deconstructionism to re-engineer society while doing so either.

The blog sphere tho has become as of late full of this lamented re-engineer behavior.

Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, the late Gawker, Salon, Vox and all other left leaning publishing outlets including smaller blog sites have all gone full retard in pushing forward many sickening none critical but fully judgemental and feel good views of reality.

In the unicorn world of these regressive media, everything was fair game.

Every hobby or aspect of life was ‘nag-able’, you’d be damned if you enjoyed breathing.

Virtue signalling was the new religion. Peer acceptance regained its nazi and socialist cult standing. Self flagellation and claiming higher victimhood status were the new rosary.

While many stood up and resisted this, i felt resigned and back-stabbed by a community whom i assumed were like minded liberals and progressives but who were proving themselves daily to be more religious, fascist and conservative in their world view than the farthest fringes of right wing followers. Pompous, insecure, unstable, jealous with questionable morals and ignorant, what could you not like about them.

It became hip to be a narcissist nazi hipster.

And i have better things and worse things to deal with in life apart from this crap.

So it took me a while, but i finally got to terms with it and understood it.

I have nothing in common with almost all the people on the left right now judging by their behavior, for they do not share any of what i value from individualism, to responsibility to an aversion from witch hunts. Plus all this constant nagging about identity politics is a turn off in my book. It’s all so cringe worthy religious in behavior.

I just wanted nothing to do with this inquisition just like i wanted nothing to do with radical religious people or with blind retarded half autistic politically correct snails in my garden.

In 2015 and 2016 the truth in any issue no longer mattered. The god of truth died out there. In true post modernist behavior what mattered became what you decided matter. Like a true fully grown adult with the brain of a 3 year old spoiled and pampered kid that cant be appeased by anything. Our narcissism became the new cosmic center.

Offending someone was worse than throwing someone off a building.

And social media gave everybody a voice to share with us this endless stream of wisdom fully empowering this tsunami of human idiocracy.

Peachy became our new millennium.

As narratives about every aspect of our lives were getting woven together Frankenstein style on these beautiful circle jerking media outlets lead by renowned man-lets with a common agenda and ideology, some people like Sargon of Akkad, Christina Hoff Sommers & Jordan Peterson stood forward to resist this using articulated and critical stances as many more others like me stood back and pondered if this wave of retardation was simply going to pass by if we simply ignored it..

They were right it didnt pass by it got worse and it needed resisting or else this insanity would fully take over the online narrative by taking over all the platforms and podiums.

Dont get me wrong, i still dont intend to headbutt every goat out there over these trivialities.

But i did learn to accept them, be less disgusted by them, accept i have nothing in common with them and counter and ignore them when needed be while focusing on what actually matters, actually getting things done.

If you thought Neo Tokyo from Akira was weird and unstable, just open facebook.

Finally to Sargon aka Benjamin Franklin and his like thank you, you gave a voice to those who were or became silent.

You kept the flames and lead by example in an era flooded by blandness.

So here we are, like ebbing sparks around ember rising from ashes, igniting fire and magic again..