6 easy steps to ignore Office Mondays



Mondays are great. It’s a fresh new week full of potential ahead!

Too bad you have to start them though at the office.

Don’t get me wrong, not all jobs suck, but Monday’s should be like a delicate kiss not getting a cold brick thrown at your face.

So what follows is a good approach to starting Mondays based on experience :


-Wake up pretending today is off, this way you will get a smile started on your face.

-Pretend you are going to the office to just say a morning hi to the guys & girls before continuing your day.

-Stop and get some donuts on your way.

-Get to the office a bit late, never on time, to better drive in this point.

-Once there, fire up the Nescafe machine and get your cup ready.

-Sit down in front of your computer with your Nescafe and inbox open chatting with the guys about how their weekend was while avoiding your boss & other shitty coworkers til it’s 5pm.