5 Stupid things Smart people like to think


The way I see it, intelligence is a rather give and take kinda a thing.

You take a little retarded bs from the people around you and give back a little bit more and pretend throughout that you are quite smart or at least above average smarts when you compare your achievements to the complete cluster fucks of underachieving idiots you got laying around within your friends and family.

But as experience was to teach us, even when we actually do end up acting on some matters with a bit of smarts, we still tend to fuck things up off the charts.

So here is a little run down of the usual basic bs stuff that apparently smart people like to do and think:


-Thinking that leading positively by example works. See, just as much as hitting your head against the wall wont make the wall change its mind, so does leading by positive example do to the people around. Great things like sacrifice and selflessness and utter dedication to something are awesome leader material just as long as you have that just-in-case whip with you to carry around. You cant lead anything by positive example unless you want to be burned to the stake or literally nailed to the cross. No one cares when they are not afraid at least a bit. I would recount the long lessons of history on this regard but seriously now, who doesn’t really know.


-Pretending that the god of the biblical books can go hand in hand with common logic when you are well versed about the physical laws and nature of the universe and its math that you actually use everyday in your job and work. See being a religious nuclear scientist or biological engineer can say more about the self esteem of a person rather than about his beliefs and convictions in the end. Spirituality is one thing but believing in the superman of supermans in adulthood is an entirely different thing. Conformity and poor self esteem and a whim of the fantasy extreme can bode ill when are characteristics of scientists and engineers, though for novelists and grunt soldiers these traits are awesome ones indeed.


-Falling in love with assholes and bitches and all those creatures in between that you know aren’t worth shit. You logically know that they have as much to give you as a scorpion having a mood fit, but still, smart as you are you will never be able to resist that temptation to try to screw that pretty human ass when it wiggles its deadly scorpion tail whip. Some say that sexual attraction is in part an act of self destruction, but we at ZQuill are in no position to verify nor debunk that theory cuz if you show us now some nice new tits it will be a cold day in hell first before we heed your warnings of not hitting it. Ya smart people can be too emotionally hyper for their own good.


-Believe what the medias and tvs have to say. There is nothing wrong in believing news about celebrities having orgies with their pets on tv. But believing the news channels in delivering honest to god reporting is an altogether different thing since none of them do their work without someone paying their bills. Wars both real and imaginary all look the same on newspapers and tvs, it always depends on who is writing and who is paying. Sure there are independent journalists but whoever in the 7 seas ever heard of un-sponsored journalism. So how can our sense of criticism die out so quickly whenever a news outlet feeds us a story to our taste is beyond me.


-Believing that you are actually smart. As if relativity didn’t mean a thing forgetting that every smart chap compared some someone else can look like a dim witted teen. When pompousness settles, every smart dude starts acting like a mentally challenged Justin Bieber singing about Karate power in the new karate kid movie. Annoying ! Humility is good and silence is key, if you know something shut your trap and only speak when its vital and necessary not for endless bragging. If people wanted a public display of prideful mental masturbation they would go to Germany.


Now don’t get me wrong, stupidity has its advantages in many things in life.

We honestly couldn’t do without. Just imagine analyzing logically how to kiss or double thinking having a nice adventure somewhere.. it numbs the andrenaline !

All we’re saying is that for some small life changing things like who to mary, how to live, what imaginary entity to worship and who to kill stupidity can sometimes be a tad bit extreme.

Apart from that for comical effect stupidity is quiet welcome indeed.