2015 The Year of the Social Justice Creeps

New Year Wallpaper.

Every year in the calendar has its very own unique set of flavored bullshit, 2015 tho outdone them wall with a deluge avalanche of it.

Being raised in the 80s & 90s where political incorrectness bloomed under Beavis & Butthead, Southpark, Married With Children.. i look at this year where attention seeking creeps like Bruce Jenner are given Women of the Year politically-correct awards while they are literally and figuratively dicks in awe for its shitty quality of comedy. I can compare it to what you would experience if you ever saw a giant real living breathing dinosaur take a huge amazing giant turd as a bunch of happy proud people bellow it clapped for it.

I always assumed that mass stupidity was the specialized realm of religious people, brainless Marxists & the traditional right wing nutjobs. But thankfully now i stand corrected at the sight of a new ocean of liberal creeps full of brain dead zombies roaming and bumping into every facet of our human society to piss on it with their unicorns & rainbow magic to mark it. The Social Justice Warriors zombie army. The eternally & professionally offended, entitled dumb bricks out to re-engineering and censor everything.

Thanks to  them we learned in 2015 that if you oppose their insane social engineering bullshit you are a nazi, a sexist & a serial killer of baby penguins.

As we all know, the first thing Voltaire noted was the magical harmony and sanity humans exhibited when they merged into groups, the super organism, and urged us all to follow suit. Mark Twain’s biggest regret in life was that he didn’t conform as well to his peers.

Jerry Seinfield was even speaking highly of them lately and how their censorship of comedy took away from him the burden to write comedy skits.

So why shouldnt we join them too? Its very straightforward. All we need to do is educate ourselves, understand our privilege (but only if you are white male and heterosexual) and then just denounce the patriarchy ! Its that simple.

If sexist women, crazy transgenders, pedophiles and religious cults that wrote whole books on real rape cultures can join this great movement so can you. In 2015 everybody is a special snowflake and the entire planet is both a trigger warning & your safe space.

Its your right now to not get offended, so go censor the shit out of everything.

Be empowered, be independent, blow your own fucking society to bits & be free.

Movies, video games, academic work, magazines, all must bow down to your version of the Orwellian 1984 Newspeak.

The new game of identity politics is where the fun is.

Everyone is sexist, everyone is racist, unless your a Justice Warrior Creep.

You cant say fuck publicly in 2015 no more unless you are now a fully licensed politically correct dick.