10 fun things to do in blackouts

1- Play around curiously with candle light until your hair catches fire by accident and you start to flame.

2- Remember your lost family and their names.  From your brother, to mother and dad.
Then promptly recall why you forgot them in the first place and wish you could forget em asap again.

3- Go out and have some fresh beer with friends, and drink drink til you forget your name, country of residence and pet name. Then next day do it all over again

4- Enjoy the heat of the summer with mosquitoes buzzing by.
Then smack the hell of them bitches in futility til your hands turn sore red and dry.

5- Brush up on your high school vocab of curse words and make up new cuss words just for the occasion now.

6- Think about the meaning of existence and how it would be like if electricity never came back again and you lost your epic old collection of porn vids on your hard drive with no internet access nor hope of recovery at all.

7- Use the silence to wish you were smarter to get your Visa done on your passport and be living outside of this stupid syphilis hellhole of a country called lebanon we all hate n adore.

8- Use the silence to tell anybody around you who tries to talk to you to shut the hell up as you continue digging your bbm/whatsapp chitchat-tunnel of light escape from this reality of awesome boredom.

9- Do like our grandparents used to do and spend the night in an all out adhoc orgy with the wife, girlfriend and some random strangers you just met. Which would explain also at last how the heck so many freaking kids the old generation used to have as well.

10- Finally use your laptop to write interesting things of just no value and read even less interesting stuff by someone else til your battery just dies out from no charging and over usage as you get surrounded by pitch darkness like in some apocalyptic hollywood flick but minus the music & popcorn.