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Fury Movie Review

  Fury takes the best thing about World War 2 movies, which is killing Nazis in disproportionate numbers, and adds a buff topless Brad Pitt […]

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  • Crysis 2Crysis 2
    REVIEW: Crysis 2. I’m NOT into finding some low budget or half done Indie game somewhere, and review it to berate it and belittle it because it has flaws.. No …
  • 10 fun things to do in blackouts10 fun things to do in blackouts
    1- Play around curiously with candle light until your hair catches fire by accident and you start to flame. 2- Remember your lost family and their names.  From your brother, …
  • Game of Thrones TellTale Game ReviewGame of Thrones TellTale Game Review
      We all love Game of Thrones, the only people who don’t love it are certified party poopers. It serves violence, intrigue, sex, cool characters, dragons, undead and even more …