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Fury Movie Review

  Fury takes the best thing about World War 2 movies, which is killing Nazis in disproportionate numbers, and adds a buff topless Brad Pitt […]

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  • One day we’ll have an Independence DayOne day we’ll have an Independence Day
      I usually write satire. But i wont this time. I’ll handle this topic differently for a change. So today we celebrate in Lebanon our 2014 Independence Day. While this …
  • Interstellar Movie ReviewInterstellar Movie Review
    So what happens when you make passionate love conceiving a movie?? A product of sweet love that’s what, give and take a few sloppy sex moves here and there as …
  • 10 fun things to do in blackouts10 fun things to do in blackouts
    1- Play around curiously with candle light until your hair catches fire by accident and you start to flame. 2- Remember your lost family and their names.  From your brother, …