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Fury Movie Review

  Fury takes the best thing about World War 2 movies, which is killing Nazis in disproportionate numbers, and adds a buff topless Brad Pitt […]

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  • The Jeita Moneyshot !The Jeita Moneyshot !
    So since when does a website voting result give us a new world wonder ?! In what is probably one of the very few occasions where the lebanese can truly unite …
  • One day we’ll have an Independence DayOne day we’ll have an Independence Day
      I usually write satire. But i wont this time. I’ll handle this topic differently for a change. So today we celebrate in Lebanon our 2014 Independence Day. While this …
  • 5 Ways Selfies Make us Awesome5 Ways Selfies Make us Awesome
      Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian got nothing on you. Yes! If you weren’t aware of it yet, you are now. Cuz whether you are a guy or girl, …